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February 11, 2008


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John M

Well, I am sure he cant run, so he isnt fit, and it is kinda freaky, so grotesque also. But seeing as how it is a fake pic, i guess it doesnt really matter. But I would like to see him comb his hair.




Or wipe his............................feet(i know what you were thinking)

Chris Stroud


What changes are you making in your diet?

yea..let me know..i might have to jump on that diet with bet he gets all the girls!


I'm going to keep on the zone and add a gallon of milk a day. Total experiment, but milk is pretty balanced and will give me an extra 2400 calories. I heard of this through rumors that Brandon from NSC did it for a month and gained over 20#, so we'll see.


Another Pic of Khalipa on the website again huh??...damn i swear that guy is photogenic....

Chris Stroud


When I went to the barbell cert coach Ripp recommended a gallon of whole milk a day for putting some size on. He said using whole milk was important because he has a theory (not proven) that there is some IGF stored in the fat of the milk which helps attribute to the the increase mass. Good luck, i'm interested to see if there will be any performance decreases with standard Crossfit workouts.


I'm sure there will be slight performance decrease in metcon workouts but I think my power and oly numbers will increase.


Austin, you might want to take some bodyfat measurements before and after. Safe to say, adding 2000+ calories a day WILL result in body mass increases. The key question is, how much of that is bodyfat (some will be unavoidable). As long as you use the exact same bodyfat measurement technique before and after, the results will be genuine.

Interesting experiment ... I just hope you're not lactose intolerant :)

PS: congrats on the official opening !

Chris Stroud

Oh also, will you be adjusting your Zone blocks?

Andres P.

Hey Austin, I'm currently using a similar method also using zone principles. I am already noticing minute gains in progress =) Thanks again for keeping the crossfit community open and taking me in. I had a blast to day!
17 rounds total
2 m.u.
4 h.s.p.u
8 k.b. swings using 35#


11 rounds + 3 hspu
hspu piked w/ paralletes

Chris- I will not adjust my zone blocks for this experiment.(19 blocks a day)

Andres - You are an animal...17 rounds!



11 Rounds plus 2 HSPU's as RxD



Well...i cant quite do a muscle so i subbed in
4 ring dips and 4 pullups per muscle up. But i swang that 75 dumbbell like it aint no thang!!!

Almost as RX'D...

5 rounds plus 8 pullups.



11 rounds


i did 4 pull ups and 4 ring dips for each muscle up:

10 rounds plus 4 pullups and 4 ring dips

Coach Rudi

Erwin beat me... Now im Mad!

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