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February 20, 2008


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I am very confident that it is Smita's arm, am I right????


Does it count if we were in class the same time the picture was taken?


LOL are you kidding me, my arms are nothing but skin and bones! That's Ritu's bicep, she's wearing a kara on her right arm and she has buff biceps too =)

Coach Rudi

Man this is a good week for running in the rain! See you guys at the noon class...

Coach Rudi

Man this is a good week for running in the rain! See you guys at the noon class...

freddy c.

That is one good looking bicep. Who ever she is she's got my vote for AWESOME! Bummer I don't know. I would love the 30 minute Oly session with Austin.

FYI: Crossfit Unlimited is know listed on the One World "Must See Sights"

Coach Rudi

Freddy and One World Rocks! Thx for all the help, its great to have such a community!


jenn!! You little stinker! Next picture will be of your shins! =p. Yeup, you are my next victim with the photos....wahahaha!

joe d

Austin don't know who the owner of the bicep is but it is a good looking one. Thanks for having me last night it is always cool working with you. Congrats on the opening of the box,you've generated lots of excitement with great people there.VERY COOL.


Smita is the big winner! Jenn you could have guessed and it would have counted.


Ah, man! I knew I should've just posted Ritu's name! Nice bicep girl, one day I wish I could have biceps like that! Don't scare me Coach Jenna...

Coach Rudi

Since it was raining Austin changed up the workout to make it harder! 7 sets of rowing 1 min / squats 1 min.

Got 267 squats... Smita crushed me with 326. Lets see who in the night crew can top that!


I was wondering what would be todays sub since it was raining... hopefully i could make it tonight... got a mean cough... for some odd reason, I'm always sick on cardio days... Thanks for your help the other day Joe...

Andres P.

10.47 Had to sub outdoor sprints with the treadmill...I know :(


13:15, legs felt so heavy it was great!

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