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February 16, 2008


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M/26/154 @ 26:08 right behind Ritu!

Andres P.

6.20 on the spot, Darn situps are hard, especially after 30 reps. Love those double unders though;)


Hey thanks Austin for that POSE method link on how to run... my shin splints are killing me after TRYING the 420 Helen last night! Hope this works!


Hi Austin-
I went to the running & endurance training cert. this past weekend and my friend and fellow ultrarunner/crossfitter Brian MacKenzies Newport beach crossfit. I have been running since 96. Never had any training the pose method makes perfect sense to me.
I learned a lot. I'm relearning how to run and I can feel a difference less effort. I will be following Brians plan to make me a faster & stronger running less running and more crossfit should = faster 100 mile times for me.
I plan on stopping bay next week for a wod at your place. I leave tomorrow to train for 6 days at crossfit monrovia with Eric Leclair.
Have a great day.

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