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September 30, 2012


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Austin- Could you provide a little more clarification? Is this going to be like the open, where if you can't do it rx'd you just stop? For example, many people cannot do 21-15-9 ring dips. Do you scale or just stop after the thrusters?


If you can't do any movement, just stop. Note the time and rep and send it to me. You're not automatically out of the competition.


should the push ups be hand release? and cleans are touch and go?


Push ups are just push ups. You can drop the clean. Don't let it sit more than 3 seconds


I know the answer to this but are "snaking" push-ups allowed? Lot's of people do push-ups but they are not truly plank. It makes a big difference. Please clarify push-up standards.


Everyone knows the answer to this. If anyone cheats any of these movements they wil be with a team they are not ready to be with. It will be obvious and embarrassing and they won't be there long.


Looks like a fun! Event #4 I would say is the most difficult. The deadlifts will tighten up my lower back (tight hips and glutes) making it hard to run.

I'm really looking forward to the thruster and ring dips to see how close I can get to my Fran time.

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